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Social Media Quick Tip #43 – Quality over Quantity

Posted on 29 Mar 2016 in Social Media Quick Tips | 0 comments

As the big social media platforms become inundated by new users, accounts, and brands it is more important than ever to stay at the top. Facebook was the first to implement an “algorithmic” timeline, meaning that posts are displayed in order of relevance & popularity rather than chronology. Just in the past month, both Twitter and Instagram have shifted away from real-time feeds to algorithmic feeds. This is both good and bad news.
The good news: quality content has a better chance of being seen. With real-time feeds, the average Instagram user misses a whopping 70% of posts. A shift to auto-altered feeds puts better posts at the top, making it much more likely for users to see them. The same goes for Twitter, where “Best Tweets” are picked out for tweeters and placed at the beginning of their timelines.
The bad news: competition for your audience’s attention has increased significantly. These changes in the order of posts should not be taken lightly. Companies work very hard to get users to follow their brands, hoping for more easily achieved interactions thereafter. The automatic-reordering of posts demands quality. If you’re making lackluster posts then they may go completely unseen by your followers.
The takeaway: littering your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles with tons of posts is not how you reach your audience. Put thought, effort, and creativity into your content to be seen!

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