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Social Media Quick Tip #42 – Keep an eye on Snapchat

Posted on 09 Feb 2016 in Social Media Quick Tips | 0 comments

Now you see it, now you don’t! That’s the idea behind Snapchat, an app for sending pictures and videos that disappear after viewing. It’s currently dominated by a younger market – but not for long. Snapchat has been making tons of adjustments over the past two years and has just begun marketing efforts to capture a wider audience. Some of these adjustments include “My Story”, which allows you to share your personally-selected feed of pictures to all of your friends for 24-hours. In addition to My Story, there are “Live Stories” of sponsored events across the world – from the Golden Globes to European dance festivals – that any Snapchat user can see. And Snapchat is not just for people. Companies are now creating accounts for followers to get a glimpse behind the scenes (even The White House has an account now!). As Snapchat’s advertising platform advances and more demographics get engaged, definitely keep an eye on this network.

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