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Social Media Quick Tip #39 – Brand Growth with Periscope

Posted on 29 Dec 2015 in Social Media Quick Tips | 0 comments

Periscope is a relatively new social media network that lets users live stream from their phone camera to the rest of the world. Viewers can then simultaneously communicate to the streamer with live comments. Many companies are still trying to figure out ways to use this new platform- below are a few ideas for getting more face time with potential customers:

  1. Hold a Q&A session. Part of branding is informing, so what better way to inform your customers than by directly answering their questions.
  2. Broadcast your events. Whether it’s an art walk, a live music show, or a clearance sale, broadcasting it can get the attention of nearby Periscope users.
  3. Host a Giveaway. Similar to holding a contest, a giveaway will force users to interact with your brand for a chance to win free products. If Periscope users could win free samples of your product just by tuning in to your broadcast, they’ll be excited¬†about your brand!

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