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It's not just for kids anymore!


Whether you are Migrating to Social Media for the first time or need to nurture that Migration,
you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Migrate Media.

Who Are We?

Migrate Media was founded in 2012 by Cameo Voorhies. Here’s why:

“I have been migrating for as long as I can remember. From one part of the world to another, from one industry to the next. I love the migration path, the challenge it brings and keeping life exciting. What’s the common thread for me? Marketing. And as most of us realize, marketing has changed in big, big ways!

There has been an industry wide migration to social media. As a result, marketing has become more casual. It has a shorter attention span. It’s more reactive. But most importantly, we have a direct pipeline to consumers. Social Media Marketing has created an immediate line of communication with your customers. It’s a shift that gets people excited about brands in a new way because they get to have a one on one conversation in real time.”


56% of customer tweets to companies are being ignored.


We are headquartered in the-secret-is-out Durham, North Carolina but work with clients all over the country.

Our social media clients are our number one priority. Just a few of the great things about working with us- the personal attention, clear communication and quick response time. No matter where you are in the US… ok North America… ok let’s just say the world, you will receive genuine service. We don’t mess around with mediocre so you can also expect, as our client, to get a sophisticated strategy and consistent messages delivered to your consumers. So Migrate on over.

32% of all Internet users are using Twitter.


We love our clients, and they love us!

“Cameo Voorhies came on board at an early stage in our social media development in order to set us up for success. She immediately got all our platforms working in unison and in a few short months did well to expand our reach to a broader audience. She would be an asset to any team who is looking to increase their effectiveness in this important marketing space.”

– Mikel Barton, Vittles Films

“Cameo helped the North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation determine the best use of its time and resources in using social media platforms to their best advantage and to begin building an audience for us. In addition she provide consultation and coaching to the staff related to re-branded, logo development, and web site redesign. Cameo always kept in mind the size of staff and budget and tailored recommendations based on getting results for any size budget or company. I highly recommend Migrate Media!”

– Robin Temple, North Carolina Healthy Start Foundation

“Wholistic Health Studio heartily recommends Cameo Voorhies for Social Media and other advertising services. With her assistance our Facebook Fans have gone from 5 to more than 800 likes!!!! She is very easy to work with and offers a diversity of expertise, including Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, YELP, etc. You need Cameo on your team!”

– Stewart Walker, Wholistic Health Studio

49% of all US adult Instagram users use it daily.


We customize a plan and pricing that works for your business

Pricing is customized and dependent on what your business needs today. After your Free social media analysis, we’ll help you determine where you should focus your efforts. Social media consulting fees will be based on your business goals and budget.
We typically work in two phases- Building and Maintenance. We can build your social media presence from scratch or use what you already have as a launch pad. Then, if it suits your business, we will continue maintaining that communication with your consumer base.

Social Media Building phase starts at a $400 one time fee depending on your needs or requests.
Social Media Maintenance phase starts at $200/month depending on the number of channels and post frequency.

Don’t have enough or want fresh, new photos for posts? If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham area, receive 15% off photos at New Image Studio if you work with Migrate Media. Great pics of your products, location or people.

Pinterest referrals spend 70% more money
than visitors referred from non-social channels.


Knowing where to focus your social media efforts can be intimidating and overwhelming. Migrate Media simplifies that process. Because we believe that every business needs to be social to succeed, we will do a free social media analysis for any company. This includes big picture recommendations and a customized package for your needs. There will also be a follow-up that includes a free Q&A session about our social media services and your specific recommendations.

Some companies have zero social media presence and are starting from scratch. Other organizations are ready to outsource their social media management. Any scenario is workable at Migrate Media.

Social Media Strategy

Choosing the social channels that are right for your company. This can include a plan or a plan and implementation.


Learning the tone of your brand and industry because your communications are crucial to your image. Posting relevant content that includes events, photos, promotions as well as connecting with your industry contacts.


Integrating your social media channels with one another or your site, depending on what your company already has established.


Measuring the types and times of posts that work well for your business. Providing consistent reports that detail the progress of your social media activity.


Where the magic happens


Anyone can post on Twitter. However, creating engaging posts that get consumers paying attention to your brand is what allows your company to stand out from the competition.

Brand Reputation

Reputation management is crucial through consistent channel monitoring. We are also experienced in online conflict resolution.


The point of all of this social media stuff is to drive traffic that ultimately results in conversions (or sales).

Customer Service

Use your social media channels as an added layer of great customer service.

Social Media Channels

We work with all major social media channels


In 2012, 77% of B2C companies and 43% of B2B companies
acquired customers from Facebook.


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